Need Fantasy Football Predictions? Today’s NY Times says my nephew offers the best!


Except that I know people draft certain players based upon the drafters’ predictions, I basically know nothing about fantasy football.

About the closest I’ve come to involvement with football was being a baton twirler* at Rolfe High School football game halftimes. I dropped my baton a lot, but Mother — Marion Gunderson — was always just past the sidelines with a beaming smile, encouraging me to exhibit the same.


Josh Moore

BUT….. (drumroll) today’s New York Times announced that, based on the first three weeks of the season, my nephew, Josh Moore, (Peggy’s older son) is the “Most Accurate Fantasy Expert.” This is based on tracking the accuracy results of 39 fantasy experts, which equates to about 200,000 predictions. (See article link, below.)

Josh’s fantasy football (subscription) site is here:

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The New York Times article is here:

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*This fall-1970 photo (immediately below) is of the Rolfe High School marching band when I was a sophomore. The photo is from the 1971 The Ram yearbook. Click once on the photo to enlarge the detail; click twice to enlarge it a lot.


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One Response to “Need Fantasy Football Predictions? Today’s NY Times says my nephew offers the best!”

  1. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Louise, great post. Love the RHS band photo. Your baton twirler outfits were much nicer than the dorky one I wore as a twirler at RHS. Our marching band instructor thought the style of pillbox monkey looking hat – and long tailed jacket and shorts would look cool. NOT!

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