OooooOooooooOooooooooooohhhhh (La La)


Mother's (Marion Gunderson) signature on one of her 1954 paintings.

Yesterday I was in my (“our” to many of you) hometown of Rolfe, Iowa, to approve the proof of another of Mother’s (Marion Gunderson) watercolors. Four members of my family, including my dad, have been offering prints of Mother’s watercolors for sale; the profits go to the Rolfe Public Library (Trust) where Mother worked for thirty-five years.

The most recent project partially supported by profits from sales of prints is the digitizing of 101 years (1888-1989) of Rolfe newspapers. Mother indexed at least 99 years of those papers (1888-1987) for genealogical purposes; the digitizing of entire newspapers for free online (Internet) availability is a perpetuation of her labor of love.

As a result of my dad’s falls (the first one being on May 4th) and his passing away on July 1st, I’ve been on hiatus from fundraising. However, on the assumption that fundraising continues to go as well as it was before May 4th, the Rolfe newspapers will be available online in keyword-searchable format in early 2011. In addition to prints sales supporting the project, to expedite the completion of this project, donations* to the Rolfe Public Library Trust are very welcome.

Back to yesterday…. The above image is from the painting of which we are most recently offering prints. I’ll post the full image within the next couple of days. For now, I’ll just say that although these particular prints can transcend seasons to be displayed year-round, if you are looking for unique, elegant-yet-fun artwork for Halloween, this is your ticket!

Yesterday I approved the proof of another of Mother's (Marion Gunderson) watercolors. We are now offering prints of 22 of her watercolors. Although inventories vary, prints may be purchased and/or ordered at the Rolfe Public Library, Wild Faces Gallery in Rolfe, or through me.** Also, I'm 99% positive I'll be hosting an open house in Bill's and my Perry, Iowa, home on Thursday, November 11, and Saturday, November 13 (and maybe Sunday, November 14). (Click on photo to "feel" the watercolor paper texture.)


*If you wish to contribute toward the newspaper project and can’t or don’t want to print the donation form, quick and easy steps to accomplish the same are to 1. mail or deliver your contribution to the Rolfe Public Library (Trust), 319 Garfield St., Rolfe, Iowa, 50581. 2. If you are writing a check, make sure to make it payable to the “Rolfe Public Library Trust,” and 3. write “newspaper project” on the memo line.

**For more information about the newspaper project or about prints, feel free to contact me via email at . I am also available by appointment. Prints may also be ordered online.

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6 Responses to “OooooOooooooOooooooooooohhhhh (La La)”

  1. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Someone could say I was biased, but I love snippets of color on the textured watorcolor paper. And of course I love the project and its purpose.

  2. Peg Moore Says:

    DITTO!!! 🙂

  3. Peg Moore Says:

    BWHAHAHA!!! 🙂

  4. Clara Hoover Says:

    Me, too. The close-ups show just how rich those colors are.

  5. Patti Collett Says:

    That picture looks like something that should be licked. Yummy!! I can just taste the grape & orange. Great work!

  6. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Marti, Peggy, Clara, and Patti, how fun to hear from you all about the vivid colors in Mother’s painting. And, Peggy, your Alfred Hitchcock-like “BWHAHAHA” has me almost so scared that I need to pull the covers over my eyes. : ) And, Patti, I hadn’t thought of the colors before in food sense, but now that you mention them, I can “taste” them, too. How fun to look at the painting from all of your light-hearted perspectives.

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