The Way You Look Tonight


Click on the photo to see the outline of the treetops.

I know I still need to post Part II about picture framing supplies, but this photo of the moon won the spot for tonight. Actually, just previous to my taking photos, the moon was more orange-y. I know this isn’t the greatest photography, but it was great to be out in the crisp breeze and to see the moon rise above the treetops that you can barely see in the photo.

Part II about picture framing supplies will be posted by Friday.

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6 Responses to “The Way You Look Tonight”

  1. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Beautiful photo. I remember the song well.

  2. jeff moore Says:

    Nice! Funny thing – the moon was full here too!

  3. Peg Moore Says:

    So glad you saw it!!! And savored it! And even *photographed* it! I posted about it on Facebook last night–that it was “FULL and BEAUTIFUL!” I was out running errands (at some 24/7 stores) and every time I emerged from a store, the moon was higher in the sky. And just breathtaking. So it’s extra fun that you were taking it all in, too! 🙂 So glad you posted your photo and comments so we all could experience it a bit through your eyes.

  4. Peg Moore Says:

    Oh, and I *love* your title! For some reason, just hits me in a sweet, dreamy way. At first, I wondered what you might be going to talk about, and then I wondered if maybe you’d seen the moon, too!

  5. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    When I titled the post, I couldn’t remember how the whole song went. Marti, Peggy and Jeff, with your comments, it made me go to our playlist to listen to it…and I realized we don’t have it in our playlist. I’m going to need to download it. Either Fred Estaire’s or Frank Sinatra’s or Michael Buble’s version. There’s also an instrumental version by the O’Neill Brothers that sounds so nostalgic.

  6. Clara Hoover Says:

    “It must have been Moon Glow…” is the song that comes to my mind.

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