Breakfast with Roger Pohlman and Dave Spaulding


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Over breakfast this morning, Bill and I met with Roger Pohlman and Dave Spaulding.

Roger Pohlman and Dave Spaulding, April 23, 2010. Click on the photo to better see the glimmer in those eyes.

Roger Pohlman was Bill’s P.E. and junior high shop teacher, driver education instructor and football and track coach at Rolfe (Iowa) High School during the late ’60s and early ’70s. (He also was an assistant boys basketball coach.) In 1971, after Bill graduated, Roger became Rolfe’s high school principal. He served in that capacity during my junior and senior years and into the mid-’70s.

While both Roger and Dave are legendary as Rolfe faculty members, Dave had the longer tenure at Rolfe (from 1965 until 1983). He definitely provided more opportunity for former students to retell legends! Dave taught almost all the science classes at Rolfe High, as well as Senior Math. (When asked today if he ever coached, he said that he once was a chess coach.)

From the 1970 Rolfe (Iowa) High School yearbook: Mr. Spaulding is at the far left in the second row. Mr. Pohlman is at the far right in the 3rd row. Yes, this is the ENTIRE high school faculty! (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

I wish I could squish into a short post some of those “do you remember when…” stories about Roger and Dave as educators, or about Rolfe High School and/or the community in general. But a short post wouldn’t do justice to the “Golden Apple” lifelong positive impact they had on Rolfe students in terms of discipline, character and thinking.

It will have to suffice to say that if you went to Rolfe High School and had one or both men for a teacher and/or administrator, you’d know that this morning we had a fun time reminiscing. Also, in your memory bank you’d probably have at least half of the yarns about Rolfe High that we chuckled about today. For example: How long girls’ skirts had to be; getting the switch during P.E. for throwing someone (a human thermometer) in the creek to check the water temperature; someone putting a car on autopilot during driver ed class; a starter’s pistol being used to wake up a student in geometry class; being awarded an F- grade (I did that once.); crawling through a car window in driver ed class after the car went into the ditch. (Who drove the car into the ditch? We don’t know.)

Roger and Dave are very, VERY interested in reconnecting with their former students and fellow staff members, too. If you want to reconnect with them, you may, of course, contact them on your own. When I mentioned this morning that I thought there would be others who’d like to get together with them, the response was, “Set it up and we’ll be there!”

If you have interest in getting together and would like me to set something up, let me know.

* * * * * * * *

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The newspaper article shown in the most recent post includes a photo of Roger Pohlman, Dick Barrett and the 1969 RHS football team. The photo is fairly dark, but fun to look at, nonetheless.

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6 Responses to “Breakfast with Roger Pohlman and Dave Spaulding”

  1. Doug Hilton Says:


    THANK you for continuing this project…………….

    Hi to Mr P and Mr S.

  2. Doug Hilton Says:

    The 1970 faculty photo also brings back good memories.

    1970 —-FRESHMAN year!

  3. Clara Hoover (RHS '60) Says:

    What fun! Although I met Roger a few times after he left Rolfe and I never knew David, I’m sure they told wonderful stories. I recognize some of the teachers in the photo. Of course, Miss Blewett had been at Rolfe for several years before I was in high school. She came to our class 20th reunion in 1980.

  4. Marti Gunderson Carlson (RHS '66) Says:

    Ahhh, fond memories of RHS and the faculty…. and yes, the stories that can be told! 🙂

  5. Lynn Neugent Debel (RHS '74) Says:

    Ohh what fun!!…I have so many memories of just about everyone of the staff that got me through the Rolfe Community Education Department! Would absolutely love to hear more and Hello to you all!!

  6. Peg Moore Says:

    Both men were at RHS when I was there. What a privilege–then and now! Excellent, Louise!

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