The Tip Top Motel & Cafe (at Lihu’e on Kaua’i)


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I have another 1940s-Pocahontas-grain-elevator story, but I don’t have it ready to go yet. However, when I do post it, you’ll find it is just a t-a-d, very loosely related to the post below.

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Banana pancakes with "homemade kettle cooked Guava Pineapple Jam" at the Tip Top Cafe, Lihu'e, Hawaii. (Click photo to "t-a-s-t-e"!)*

Three days ago Bill and I returned from a business trip to Hawaii.  Our Oahu destination was predetermined. We also fit in a day-trip to Kaua’i. Our Valentine’s Day trip involved an approximately 100-mile, 30-minute-each-way round trip flight from Honolulu (Oahu) to Lihu’e (Kaua’i).

When we arrived at Lihu’e around 9:00 AM, Bill and I asked the airport shuttle driver and also the car rental attendant where we should have breakfast. (After all, the best people to ask for advice are the locals.) The first (actually only) recommendation given by each was Lihue’s Tip Top Cafe.  What a great recommendation.

I rarely have pancakes…not because I don’t like them, but because of how I feel after I eat them.  I am so glad I ate the banana pancakes with guava pineapple jam at the Tip Top Cafe.  Mmmm, mmmm, good! I hate to admit it, but I also doused my pancakes with coconut syrup. Um, and added a little bit of maple syrup, too. Soooo good. (And, my tummy felt fine afterward.)

(Did you click on the photo yet?)

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*Photo-posting permission is granted by Jonathan who runs the cafe that was started in 1916. Because the cafe is now combined with a motel, it is also referred to as the “Tip Top Motel & Cafe.”

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5 Responses to “The Tip Top Motel & Cafe (at Lihu’e on Kaua’i)”

  1. Clara Hoover Says:

    I “tasted” the pancakes. Bill said Kaua’i was the highlight of the trip. Since I didn’t know about this island, I did a little research. It seems like a very enjoyable place. I’m glad you got to be there for Valentines Day.

  2. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Clara, I’m glad you were able to “taste” the pancakes! Yes, Kaua’i was the highlight of the trip, although I did enjoy doing absolutely nothing on the beach on Oahu during unscheduled times. I swear, though, the actress who kissed her dog (akky-poo) in the movie “There’s Something About Mary” was on the beach. The lady on the beach didn’t have a dog with her, but everything else about her was just like that actress!

    I hope to add a couple more posts about Kaua’i. The main attraction for Bill and me was that Kaua’i is not as touristy/commercialized as Oahu (although I know that Oahu has beautiful and enjoyable attractions, as well). We saw more agriculture on Kaua’i than we did on Oahu. I want to post about the agriculture, but it would take me quite a bit of time to just start to reinvent the wheel of what has already been written (plus, I don’t have the expertise regarding Hawaii agriculture) so I might end up just finding and posting some URLs to sites that I think are interesting.

  3. Marti Says:

    Yummmmm! Hawaii is so beautiful I didn’t see much of it when we went there years and years ago (ours a company sponsored trip) because I was sick much of the time. But what I did see and experience was terrific. Glad you has such a good time.

  4. Peg Says:

    Mmmmm! I almost didn’t “t-a-s-t-e” the pancakes, but on your double-urging, I did and am glad! Especially the guava, up close and personal! Btw, just yesterday (!) (but before seeing your post) *I* had pancakes, too! For the first time in months, at a little coney here in town. Mine weren’t anything as fabulous as yours, but at least I’m now only *half*-salivating when I look at your picture! 😉 Isn’t it wonderful when, in a brand new place, you get a tip like that from the locals and it turns out to be such a memorable (good-memorable!) experience?!?

  5. Jeff Says:

    smells great! So are you guys growing pineapples and bananas and guavas for Pioneer in Iowa now?

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