Iowa Tree-Branch-Bending Ice


The near freezing temperatures and the rain made for an icy mess.

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These photos were taken today from either inside the house, or just one step out the front door. Due to the thick sheet of ice, it was too slick for me to feel brave enough to venture further.

We are fortunate to still have electricity. Hopefully the power lines and trees will weather the rain-turned-ice.



At first I thought the ice on the eaves spout in this photo was out of focus. In reality, the ice did look sort of mottled. (Click to enlarge photo.)


Click once, and then again to magnify the detail in this photo.


This Cranberry Cotoneaster bush is from the same group of bushes that I posted about in December. (Click photo to enlarge.)


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One Response to “Iowa Tree-Branch-Bending Ice”

  1. Peg Says:

    What of a roller coaster of precipitation and temps you all are having there this winter!!! I really enjoy “seeing” it all and feeling a bit like I’m there through your great photos!

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