Tournament of Roses, Ray Charles, and America, the Beautiful


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I brought the laptop into the family room so that I could post about my family’s Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit tradition while watching the Tournament of Roses Parade. I got sidetracked just a little bit, and I’m so glad that I did.

Just as I sat down to watch and write, the theme of the parade float being showcased was one recognizing/honoring our United States’ military. The sound track accompanying the float (as the cameras panned military personnel) was a recording of Ray Charles singing America, the Beautiful. Oh, my gosh. How humbling. And, what a reminder that I am indebted to our military, past and present, for protecting my freedoms.

Since I’m in a deep-in-thought and patriotic mode right now, I’ll let Ray be by himself in this post.  (I.e., I’ll post about R, R, R later today.)  I hope you’ll watch/listen to Ray’s rendition of America, the Beautiful in this YouTube video.

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