Holiday in the Heartland and Rolfe’s RAM Event Center


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The Rolfe Public Library and Main Street on Sunday, December 6th, 2009. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Sunday in Rolfe was wonderful. Picture snow falling gently outside as daylight turns to dark, and inside, an intentionally dimly lit gym that used to be the home of Ram and Rammette basketball games. Can you hear the sound of the buzzer, the band playing the loyalty (“We’re loyal to you old Rolfe High…”), and the crowd chanting, “Ram Power — clap, clap — Ram Power”? And, Hank Baade booming, “BE THERE”?!

Only the gym is no longer used for school-sponsored basketball games. Instead it is what I think of as “saved” by hard-working (most likely spread-very-thinly with commitments) volunteers so that the gym can still exist and be used. It is now called the RAM Event Center.

On Sunday it was open for Rolfe’s Holiday in the Heartland. If you weren’t there, I wish you could have seen the line of children that stretched from one side of the tree-decorated stage as they waited their turns to talk with Santa, who was at the other side of the stage.

On Sunday, Roger Mumford purchased prints of two former Rolfe landmarks. (Click photo to enlarge.)

I was at the celebration on Sunday with two Rolfe Public Library board members. Our purpose was to display/sell prints of Mother’s watercolors, as well as to promote the oral history project.  But, what a gift for me.

Twinkling Christmas trees sprinkled around the gym provided the perfect backdrop. The late afternoon festivities kicked off with a performance by the Pocahontas Community Chorus. Later, as the children were on the stage waiting for Santa, community members mingled as they zig-zagged between vendors’ displays of crafts, art, baked goods, etc. Also, a meal was provided in what used to be the home ec room off the gym. There was also a live nativity.

As far as the “selling” side of the day, we sold over $350-worth of prints of Mother’s watercolors. The monetary revenue is gladly received to put toward the oral history project, and, of course, is important. The “revenue” that would have made Mother smile even more is that of knowing so many people want to display her artwork in their homes and/or give as gifts.

In addition, on Sunday a handful of oral history audiocassette tapes were sponsored. Yippee!

The spreadsheet and explanation sheet about the sponsorships at the “Oral Histories” link on this blog was updated today.  The spreadsheet at that “Oral Histories” link will continue to be updated as there are more sponsorships.  You can tell how recently the spreadsheet has been updated by looking at the top of the right-hand column on the spreadsheet. (Actually, the spreadsheet isn’t there quite yet, but will be within the next day, maybe within the next hour.)

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One Response to “Holiday in the Heartland and Rolfe’s RAM Event Center”

  1. Clara Says:

    What fun! This somewhat reminds me of the 1970 Flea Market. Although the goal of each was to raise money and sell local products, the community spirit and fellowship were even more memorable.

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