Mover, Shaker and AURA (and still available by appointment)


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Whew!!!  The open house was WONDERFUL.  The amount of funds we took in was far beyond my even-most-hopeful expectation.  Equally as fascinating were the stories people told, especially with their involvement (or involvement of their preceding relatives) with the Pocahontas grain elevator that was pictured in the Des Moines Register.  (Update on December 13, 2009:  The article is no longer posted on the Des Moines Register web site.  If you email me to let me know you’d like I a digital copy of it, I’ll email it to you.

I received a note yesterday from a woman. She wrote, “It was a pleasure to read of your mother’s talents and deeds in yesterday’s Register.  During the 11 years my family lived in Pocahontas I was a member of her P.E.O. chapter and I came to know and admire Marion as a ‘mover & shaker,’ important to Rolfe and to the area.  I’m glad to see her aura lives on.”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little too robust perhaps for “going after” making prints of Mother’s work available.  I quickly dismiss 99% of that notion when I remember that the purpose is for work (through the prints’ fund-raising) to be accomplished through the Rolfe Public Library. However, this week I dismissed 99.5% of that notion when people either called or drove from across the state and beyond to share stories about Mother and northwest Iowa and to order/purchase prints.

THEN (all caps again…can you tell I’m excited?!!!) the 99.5% became 100% when I received the kind note (mentioned above) yesterday concluding with, “I’m glad to see her aura lives on.”

More about the open house later.  Let it suffice to say it was very successful.  I thought about extending the open house for another weekend, but I think I’ll pass and just relish meeting with individuals/groups as they desire.  Any time I’m around…any month…I’m VERY pleased to meet with people in our home by appointment, or if somewhat convenient, at other locations.  (People call spontaneously to ask if they can stop by in a “little bit.” Others call to say they’ll be in the area on a certain date and wonder if I’ll be available.  I enjoy both types of appointment requests.)

I’ve been asked if we are having an open house again next year.  Hmmm…sounds fun!  I’d say there’s more than a 50% chance.

(If you or people you know live at a distance and/or plastic is your/their preferred way of paying, purchases can be made at  The drawback is that sales tax is charged because the library cannot accept credit card orders.  However, if you get your purchase in person from me, the shipping fee can be waived. Two-thirds of the images/prints are not on Etsy yet, but will be by Thanksgiving.)  (11-24-09 update: I have not listed additional images yet on Etsy, and am not sure when I will.  If you prefer to order via Etsy and what you’d like isn’t listed yet, please let me know and I’ll hop right to getting it listed.)

Thank you,

Louise Gunderson Shimon (Marion’s youngest daughter)

14106 Green Dr., Perry, IA  50220



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  1. mona Says:

    I would think it would be particularly wonderful to hear these stories about your mother from a time in her life when you didn’t “know” her. I’m so glad the experience has been wonderful on so many levels. 🙂

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