Oregon: Day #2 — Crater Lake Lodge


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The Moon Oregon handbook * says about Crater Lake Lodge, “The lodge is situated on the rim south of the Sinnott Overlook and is hewn of indigenous wood and stone.  The massive lobby boasts a picture window on the lake and has decor echoing back to its 1915 origins.  The stone fireplace is large enough to walk into….”  (The lodge is not labeled, but is on the south side of the lake on this map.)

Below are my photos of the interior of Crater Lake Lodge.  The lodge’s web site has many more photos (interior and exterior) which do the lodge more justice than my photos do.

IMG_8507 C Lk Lodge main 1000

Great Hall (Click photo to enlarge.)

At the left is Crater Lake Lodge’s Great Hall.  The doors toward the upper right lead to the dining room.  Outside the doorway at the upper left is a terrace overlooking Crater Lake.  The terrace runs the full length of the lodge, including along the Great Hall and dining room.


IMG_8504 C Lk lodge stair into lobby 800

(Click photo to enlarge.)

I was standing on this stairway when I took the above photo of the Great Hall.  The opening here leads to the check-in lobby.  At the far end, past the lobby, you can catch a glimpse of one of the lodge’s impressive fireplaces.  Even further, past the lobby, is a hallway and elevator leading to lodge guest rooms.

IMG_8501 Cr Lk dining two 1000

Crater Lake Dining Room (Click photo to enlarge.)

This rustic window frame is inside the dining room.  Through these windows is a view of Crater Lake.

Bill and I stayed at the lodge one night, also having dinner at the lodge.  The dining room menus are available at this link.  We shared the brown sugar-rubbed Pan Seared Wild Alaskan Salmon (currently not on the menu).  This salmon tied for second place in our favorite-meals-of-the-trip contest.

The next Oregon post will include outdoor photos of Crater Lake, including the sunrise.

* Moon Oregon published by Avalon Travel Company, copyright 2007, p. 404.

* * * * *

(I’ve been at Lake Okoboji, then painting at home and also spending time with Jackson for a few days.  I’ve gotten a little behind with posts.  I promise — 99% promise — that I’ll post information about Mr. Spaulding’s experiences with explosives before the end of next week.)

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One Response to “Oregon: Day #2 — Crater Lake Lodge”

  1. Peg Says:

    Mmmmmm, it all sounds wonderful! GREAT choice! And the brown sugar-rubbed Pan Seared Wild Alaskan Salmon–heavenly!

    Not to worry about the rate of posting. I’m a happy camper just taking them in as they come! 🙂

    More painting, eh? You’ve got me curious.

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