Oregon: Day #2 — Bend, Oregon, to Crater Lake Lodge


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IMG_2218 fire Bill 800

Bill standing along Highway 138 in Oregon's Pumice Desert. On July 3rd, this Desert Ridge wildland fire was ignited by lightning. (Click photo to enlarge.)

After our July 18th post-rafting lunch in Bend, Oregon, Bill and I headed south to our final destination of the day — Crater Lake.  Or, more specifically, Crater Lake Lodge.

Going south on Highway 138 we saw what we soon learned was the Desert Ridge wildland fire.

The location of the Desert Ridge fire in relation to Highway 138 and Crater Lake. (Click to enlarge.)

This map shows the location of the Desert Ridge fire. (Click once or twice to enlarge.)

The roadside-posted map at the right includes the location of the fire in relation to Crater Lake and our Highway 138 route.

The Crater Lake Institute’s web site gives detailed information about the start of the fire, the management, and unnerving photos of the actual fire.  The fire spread over approximately three hundred acres before it was fully contained (I believe in August).

The viewpoint expressed at another web site is critical of the management of the Desert Ridge fire.  (I’ll have to consult my resident environment expert — Iowa environment, anyway — about these conflicting viewpoints.  If I were still at school, this would be a great teachable moment about the importance of analyzing information on the web.)

Day #2, July 18th, Bend, Oregon, to Crater Lake.  (Click photo to enlarge.)

Day #2, July 18th, Bend, Oregon, to Crater Lake. (Click photo to enlarge.)

In early evening we arrived at Crater Lake Lodge.  I’ll post about the lodge in a day or two.

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3 Responses to “Oregon: Day #2 — Bend, Oregon, to Crater Lake Lodge”

  1. Peg Says:

    Again–don’t know why; not sure it makes much rational sense–my favorite part is the second map and especially your colors, routes, and notations in your own hand. Not even so much from an informational angle (re: directions) . . . or a sentimental angle (re: seeing your hand, though that *is* special); just seems sort of artsy in some way. And similar to items I love putting in my scrapbooks. Who knows; it just sort of draws me in. 🙂

  2. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Hmmm…..Well, it sort of follows the rule of thirds. I agree that it seems sort of artsy. Hey, maybe I could sell prints of it!!!!! (Just joking!!!!!)

  3. Peg Says:

    I’m not sure I even *remember* the rule of thirds. (But it sounds *vaguely* familiar. From Mother, right? And about composition, right?)

    Prints! Now there’s an idea! 😉

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