Birthday (Aug. 18) Lunch with Mr. Spaulding


To quickly access the previous posts about Mr. Spaulding, click on his name in the list of categories on this blog’s home page.  Several former students, as well as Mr. Spaulding, commented at the bottom of “Where (and How) in the World is…..Mr. Spaulding?

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Tuesday of last week, August 18th, 2009, was Mr. Spaulding’s 82nd birthday. He and I met for a birthday lunch at Ropa’s, the cafe in Rolfe, Iowa. We both knew Bill Winkleblack (from the class of ’73, as am I) would be joining us. We were pleasantly surprised when five more of Mr. Spaulding’s former high school science/math students, and a parent, came to Ropa’s specifically to spend time with Mr. Spaulding.

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On his birthday, Mr. Spaulding and me outside of the Bud Barn in Rolfe, Iowa. (Click photo to enlarge.)

It seemed surreal having lunch with Mr. Spaulding as a friend after being what I remember as pretty terrified of him in class.  (I was also very thankful for him when I took chemistry and physics at Iowa State!)

Later on the 18th, I mentioned to Mr. Spaulding that in my excitement I had forgotten a lot of what we all talked about at lunch.  He asked me if I had been sort of tongue-tied.  Yes, exactly.

In general, I know the group reminisced about science experiments, the chemistry room, explosives, the teachers lounge, slide rules, families, and other former students and teachers. Everything we said was good. (Well, except when all of us students could remember which teacher “taught” us by reading aloud, straight from the text book!)

Mr. Spaulding was so pleased that the eight of us spent time with him.  He wished he had emphatically expressed his thanks while we were all at Ropa’s. I told him I would pass along his heartfelt appreciation.

(In approximately two weeks, I’ll post more about Mr. Spaulding…most likely about explosives.)

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3 Responses to “Birthday (Aug. 18) Lunch with Mr. Spaulding”

  1. Clara Says:

    What fun! I’m sure you all had a great time. It meant a lot to you, and it must have meant a lot to Mr. Spaulding. And probably some thanks are due to Bill Winkleblack for letting others know.

  2. Peg Says:

    THIS POST IS ***WONDERFUL,*** LOUISE! Well, that Mr. Spaulding got to have lunch on his birthday with eight people–mostly students–who appreciate his teaching years, THAT IS WONDERFUL! Kudos to you, Louise, and to all who helped it happen!

    My favorite parts of the post are where you were “tongue-tied” and your description: “It seemed surreal having lunch with Mr. Spaulding as a friend after being what I remember as pretty terrified of him in class!” EXACTLY! The SURREAL part!

    And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MR. SPAULDING! 🙂 I’m glad you were were so pleased. You deserve to be!:

  3. Doug Hilton Says:

    Oh yes the memories. Earth Science………………….a couple of student who took 2 or even 4 yrs to pass the required class!

    I also was in Chemistry and like others, when I took the class in College I never had to study because I already had it down thanks to Mr S.

    Mr S. It looks like you haven’t changed a bit Congrats on the birthday and hope you have many more

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