Bubbles In The Wine by Deane Gunderson (February 27, 1975 — Part I)


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For background information about my father’s (Deane Gunderson) mid-1970s “Bubbles In The Wine” newspaper column, click here.  The article below is the first of his “Bubbles In The Wine” articles appearing in the weekly Rolfe Arrow from early 1975 through mid-1977.  The article below is also his favorite!

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“Bubbles In The Wine” by Deane Gunderson, February 27, 1975 *

My father, Deane Gunderson, in the mid-1970s, the same time period during which he wrote his 114 articles for his Bubbles In The Wine column.

My father in the mid-1970s, when he wrote 114 articles for his "Bubbles In The Wine" column.

On a recent Sunday morning yours truly was sitting in the Presbyterian Church of Rochester, Minnesota, when the minister said something that prompted the going ahead with this column. The idea of a column for the Rolfe Arrow had been tossed around a lot over the last several years. If you don’t like the idea, you’ll have to blame it on going to church, and that’s a pretty tough argument.

What’s the column going to be about? Everything from A to Zeman, some intended to be funny, some dead serious, but, I hope, mostly ideas — thoughts to promote more thoughts or to make poor things better and the good things still better.  In between A and Zeman will be politics, Rolfe, ISU, and other family interests, bridge, guest columns, and many others.

While going to lunch up there in Rochester I made an agreement with myself that I wouldn’t bother Mr. Swartz [of the Rolfe Arrow] with the idea unless a list of 50 topics could be made. By the end of lunch 37 items had been written down.

You probably wonder if it will involve school ideas while I am on the board.  Sure enough, if an explanation seems to be needed on an item the school is doing or not doing.  If it were controversial within the board, well, in that case, I’d rather not. Things would have to be pretty bad to do that.

You may be wondering about the title, “Bubbles In The Wine.” The background is this:

(Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow — Monday.  Part II includes my father’s favorite part of all of the 114 articles!)

*  Posted with permission of the Pocahontas Record-Democrat and Deane Gunderson.

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2 Responses to “Bubbles In The Wine by Deane Gunderson (February 27, 1975 — Part I)”

  1. Peg Says:

    Fun second kick-off! Oddly enough, I don’t ever remember the part about the Rochester church. Adds to the interest. Also makes me wonder just what that minister said! Something about BITW? (You don’t need to answer that. ;-)) Looking forward to Part II.

    How long has the “search this site” box been there? I just now noticed it. Excellent! Every little detail adds more delight.

    And **nice** pic of Daddy!

  2. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Hmmm…I didn’t even know the “search this site” box was there. But, I’ll leave it!

    As far as what the minister said, the next time I see Daddy I’ll have to ask him if he remembers. I wondered the same thing.

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