The Farmers Coop and a String Bikini — Part II


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~ Submitted by Marti (Martha Gunderson) Carlson

The mornings, in particular if it was raining, often found several regulars from the farming community gathered around the front office for coffee and pastries – and very colorful and/or funny stories, not all necessarily fit for feminine ears.

I thoroughly enjoyed my job and appreciated the whole band of characters at the Coop and their work ethic and humor.

On my last day there, I came back from lunch and walked through the door of the Coop to find some patrons plus the whole crew gathered, quite an unusual occurrence.  Something was afoot!  

A FELCO feed sack.
A FELCO feed sack.

I walked into my office just off the front office.  There on my desk was a gift from the guys:  a tiny string bikini cut from a rough burlap FELCO feed sack.  The apparel was complete with Coop stickers in all the right places on the triangular bottom and the little silver-dollar-sized circular pieces of the top.

Yes, it was a humorous gift not actually designed for wearing.  But more important, the gesture meant a lot to me, the guys taking the time to acknowledge my time spent with them that memorable summer.  This is just one of numerous memories which make me feel very fortunate to have been born and raised on a farm in Iowa.

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5 Responses to “The Farmers Coop and a String Bikini — Part II”

  1. Peg Says:

    OH, MY. 😉 And I bet every one of the staff still remembers it!

    Love the mood you created with phrases like: “band of characters” and “something was afoot!”

    Glad for the Felco visual, too. 🙂

    So, did you really wear a dress and heels all summer?

    And do you remember your hourly pay? Had to have been better than walking beans!!! Or worse (from what I hear) detassling!!!

  2. Peg Says:

    How’d you get that job, by the way? You were *much* more resourceful (or probably more accurately: more *motivated*) than I!

  3. Peg Says:

    Hey, Louise, what would you think of only having one entry per page (versus one threading to the next on a given page)? I think that’s how Josh’s is, and it seems a little crisper for my not-so-multi-tasking brain. Or maybe it’s my brain that visually likes simple. Just a thought.

  4. Peg Says:

    Also, I’m not really getting the blue-font links right above and sometimes wrappping around the entries’ black and bold titles. I’m wondering if it’s a bug not yet worked out. If not–if it’s intentional–it confuses my eye/brain. Just another teeny thing, in light of the 99% MARVELOUS!!!

    By the way, I know I told you I wouldn’t be a “contributor,” but hey . . . I can work up quite a word count in these comments, can’t I? Hehehe. 😉 No rush to keep up with me. Like I said, I hadn’t even opened the site since June 15th! So, take your time. And know you don’t have to comment on my comments. I know you love them. 🙂 Just check for tyhe occasional question. You’re amazing! Hey, did you drain my energy and use it for your projects! Bhuuuuaaaaahhhh! (Ok, so now I’m getting just plain goofy. Well, no point in trying to hide our wonderful if wacky relationship! :-))

  5. Marti Says:

    I didn’t wear a dress and heels every day all summer. I think I wore whatever I had for my school wardrobe. I don’t think the resourcefulness was mine!

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