John Deere: Like Great-Grandfather, Like Great-Grandson


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From 1940 until 1945 my father (Deane Gunderson, now 90 years young) was an engineer for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa.  Because he had a perforated eardrum, he was not able to serve in the military.  In his 1981 (or 1980) oral history, he said that, while at John Deere, “I did various jobs, experimental farm testing, drafting, I was project engineer for a year.  One of the most interesting phases of it was routing the specifications and orders through the John Deere Tractor Works for the parts to be supplied to the Grumman Aircraft Company, which was a builder of war fighter and bomber planes.  John Deere supplied many heavy parts for these planes.”

In 1945, Daddy and Mother returned to Rolfe, Iowa, so my father could farm. He has remained loyal to John Deere, as is my grandson.  Jackson loves riding on John Deere tractors and in combines with Bill (Shimon, my husband) when Bill is assisting his farm management clients with combining, planting…whatever task is at hand.

Watching the All About John Deere for Kids 4-DVD set.

Watching the All About John Deere for Kids 4-DVD set.

Jackson is three years old.  Anyone who has been around a toddler knows that sometimes it helps to have a good DVD on hand to entertain.  Last winter, Sara (Olerich) Schoenefeld brought to my attention the John Deere for Kids 4-DVD set.  Jackson is fully entertained with these DVDs.  By watching them, he learns more about our farming heritage.  I am amazed at what I, too, learn when watching these DVDs.  They provide timeless content for anyone interested in all kinds of John Deere equipment, whether excavators or dump trucks, or used for farming in the Midwest or logging in the Northwest.

(DVD Part 3 of the set includes the annual Threshermen & Collectors Show in Albert City, Iowa, which, this year will be August 7-9).

Through, additional individual John Deere for Kids DVDs are available.  What youngster (or oldster) do you know who might enjoy these DVDs?

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